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Dimora Storica in the Gulf of Poets: the history of Grand Hotel Portovenere

In Italy, the concept of Dimora Storica (literal translation: historic dwelling or mansion) denotes an ancient building that is part of the nation’s historic and cultural heritage. The province of La Spezia, and in particular the Gulf of Poets, is home to a number of Dimore Storiche (plural). One of such charming buildings is located […]

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Ancient Portovenere by Gino Montefinale (credits:

History of ancient Portovenere, between Liguria & Tuscany

“The shore appears to those arriving by sea: Portovenere is here, on the hills covered by olive trees, and such sweetness made Minerva forget about her homeland, Athens.” This is how Italian scholar and Renaissance poet Petrarca (Petrarch) celebrated Portovenere in 1338 and tied its name to Roman mythology, although legend and history still mix […]

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