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Capolavori & Grand Hotel Portovenere

Italian crafts: 15% off with Grand Hotel Portovenere & Capolavori

Skilled Italian craftsmen create beautiful, unique pieces of art with their hands, using century-old traditions that were passed down from generation to generation. Grand Hotel Portovenere, the boutique hotel in the Gulf of Poets near Liguria’s Cinque Terre, celebrates the excellence of Made-in-Italy products created by craftsmen who are part of Capolavori. Capolavori is an […]

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tasting menu portovenere restaurant

Tasting Menu at Palmaria Restaurant: April’s Wine Special

Just a few days ago, Palmaria Restaurant launched three wine tasting itineraries called “Italian wines to tickle your taste buds”. For foodies who want an experience that goes beyond wine and appetizers, the gourmet restaurant in Portovenere is also proposing a special tasting menu with amazing wine & food combinations. The menu is available only […]

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Wine tasting in Portovenere, Liguria

Wine Tasting in Portovenere: 3 taste itineraries at Palmaria Restaurant

Portovenere’s Palmaria Restaurant has kicked off the season with three wine tasting itineraries called “Italian wines to tickle your taste buds”. Participants will join the sommeliers in a quest to explore Italian wines, choosing their favorite(s) from the following options: Mister Vermentino: white wine between Liguria and Tuscany Red Wine: an all-Italian itinerary For Bubble […]

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LEGO Corporate Workshop in Portovenere

LEGO Corporate Workshop in Portovenere: boosting business ideas & product innovation

Managers, executives and professional figures from all over Italy gathered at Grand Hotel Portovenere on 24 March 2017, to participate in a unique and fun corporate workshop featuring… colorful LEGO® bricks! The workshop was called Strategic Organization with LEGO® Serious Play®. It allowed participants to explore and develop professional skills, personal talents, techniques of organizational […]

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