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Are you looking for the best advice to visit La Spezia and Cinque Terre area, and enjoy some genuine tips given by real locals? Visit the Cinque Terre & Beyond website and download its useful app.

cinqueterrebeyondAn up-to-date website, a comprehensive free mobile application: if you want to get the best advice on what to do and see in the La Spezia and Cinque Terre area, or if you want to read some interesting stories on this Ligurian stretch of the Italian coast, don’t miss media project Cinque Terre & Beyond, conceived by locals to give you the best holiday experience in the area.

On the website, you can find useful tips on what to do on a daily basis: check out the news on what’s on in town, with hints that are often not disclosed to tourists. The stories of the “Local Insider” tell some interesting and unconventional insights on local attractions, in order to give tourists a genuinely local point of view.

Beside the most known attractions and destinations in the area, on the Cinque Terre and Beyond website and app you can also find unusual tips on less known things to do and see in the Cinque Terre, but also in the town of La Spezia and its hinterland. Often skipped by the tourist guides,
these areas, include in fact less known areas such as beautiful ancient hamlets, pristine natural parks, beaches and coves. Also good advice for restaurants, shopping and local crafts can be found on Cinque Terre & Beyond.

Moreover, the free mobile app features the interesting augmented reality, that gives you the opportunity to be guided in real time while you walk on the street. A fun way to visit the area and be informed and what to do and what to see, where to eat and what to enjoy around you.

Don’t miss Cinque Terre & Beyond, the best companion for your holiday in the Cinque Terre area!

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