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The Island of Tino in the Gulf of Poets is a military space that is usually closed to visitors. But every year in September, in occasion of San Venerio Festival, it opens its frontiers to the public. 2019 will be different, as in addition to the usual annual opening, you will have the exclusive opportunity to visit Tino Island on the 21st of August, thanks to a special guided tour promoted by Grand Hotel Portovenere and Associazione per il Mare.

This is the program:

  • Departure from Portovenere at 9:30 am on the boats of Associazione per il Mare.
  • Boat tour around the islands of Palmaria, Tino and Tinetto.
  • Arrival at Tino Isle and visit on foot to the lighthouse museum
  • Return to Portovenere at 13:00
  • Chance to lunch at Palmaria Restaurant upon reservation, with a glass of local wine offered by the panoramic restaurant.

Availability is limited. To participate you need to join Associazione per il Mare, something that you can do on the same day of the tour. For more information on the initiative and costs, please email or call +39 3496964664.

Grand Hotel Portovenere is one of the supporters of the Museo dei Fari (lighthouse museum) and promotes this event in collaboration with the Marina Militare, Associazione per il Mare, Associazione dalla parte dei Forti and Cinque Terre Experience.

San Venerio Festival – Visit the Island of Tino in September 2019

San Venerio was a hermit monk in the monastery that once existed on Tino Island. On dark nights, he used to light up a bonfire to help traveling ships to orientate themselves in the Gulf of Poets. He was born on Palmaria Island in 560 circa, and died on Isola del Tino in 630. Today, he is Patron Saint of the Bay of La Spezia and Protector of marine lighthouses.

Tino Island is a UNESCO World Heritage Site along with Portovenere, the islands of Palmaria and Tinetto, and Cinque Terre.

San Venerio is celebrated on 13 September of every year. In 2019, the Festival will honor the patron saint by allowing public visits on the island on 13, 14 and 15 September.

Access to Tino Island and the visit to the lighthouse are free of charge, and no reservation is required.

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