Wine & Sports? Tasting & Running along the Sciacchetrail, Cinque Terre

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Are you a wine fan? Do you also enjoy trail running and nature? Well, look no further: the Sciacchetrail is a unique path that takes you in and around the mesmerizing vineyards and dramatic landscapes of the Cinque Terre in Liguria.

To inaugurate the new signage that will guide the public around the paths in the Cinque Terre National Park, local organizers have planned the one and only Sciacchetrail running race on 29th March 2015, preceded by the Sciacchetrà Wine Festival on the 28th. The name of this oeno-sport event derives from the union of the words Sciacchetrà and Trail Running.

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Sciacchetrà D.O.C. is a sweet passito wine that is produced in the Cinque Terre from the Bosco, Albarola and Vermentino grape varieties. It is characterized by a fruity floral aroma, reminiscent of the essence of the Mediterranean; and by an intense color that goes from golden yellow to amber- topaz. Poets and writers loved this full-bodied, velvety wine with pleasant and light tannins. Pliny, Boccaccio, Carducci, Pascoli, D’Annunzio and Petrarch lauded it!

The Sciacchetrà Wine Festival takes place on Saturday 28th March in the village of Monterosso, and will involve guided wine tastings, music, meetings between wine lovers, cultural events and much more.

Sciacchetrail & the Territory

But for the following day, you better toughen up and get over the guilty feeling for having accumulated calories! The Ultra Trail Running race will involve you for 47 km (29.2 miles) around the famous five villages of Monterosso, Vernazza, Corniglia, Manarola and Riomaggiore (view the map here)

Trail running
is the most authentic way to enjoy the beauty of nature and the allure of adventure. Running along the ancient mule tracks and between vineyards will lead you back to the origins of the various territories, through their histories and economies. All major winemakers from the Cinque Terre Park will contribute to the race presenting the very best of their wine production, bringing sport and territory further together.

A large number of trail runners have signed up for the race, including ultra-runner and top athlete Sally McRae from California. If you would like to join, you can sign up here!

Other events will take place during the two Sciacchetrail days, including a “mini trail” for families with children, food and wine tasting, a Pesto Party and a Photographic Workshop. For more information and ideas you can visit

If you are fortunate enough to have a few more days in Liguria…

you might consider visiting what many have dubbed “the sixth land” – Portovenere, which is only 30 minutes away from Riomaggiore and 50 from Monterosso, and easily accessible by car, boat or train. If you are looking for accommodation before, during or after the Sciacchetrail event, Grand Hotel Portovenere offers a panoramic location, a Mediterranean restaurant and charming rooms that provide the perfect atmosphere and comfort for relaxing after a long day out.


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