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pesto world championship genoa

Pesto Recipe & Pesto World Championship

The Championship Did you know that there is such a thing as a Pesto World Championship? Competitors from all over the world prepare Pesto Genovese exclusively with a pestle and mortar, using only traditional, authentic and genuine ingredients. The competition is open to everyone: professionals and amateur cooks. A series of preliminary eliminatory competitions take […]

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Artisans in Portovenere: workshops in and around town

Almost 4.400 enterprises in Liguria are small, family-owned artisan businesses (data by Confartigianato). In most cases, young artisans inherit the traditional craft from their parents. Their work, whether passed down from generation to generation or picked up by new entrepreneurs interested in ancient crafts, plays a fundamental role in safeguarding old heritage and traditions. There […]

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Romantic wedding in Portovenere, Liguria

Wedding & Honeymoon in Portovenere: tips and ideas

The picturesque village of Portovenere, nestled on the Ligurian Riviera neighboring the Cinque Terre, is a top destination for weddings and honeymoons, sought by not only Italian couples but increasingly more by foreigners too.   #weddingportovenere #wedding #lovediscover us on #weddingday #weddingitaly #weddingphotography #portovenere #bride #love #wondderful #mariage #bestphotographer #bestweddings #bestweddingphotographer #bestweddingever #bestweddingever #bestweddingdress […]

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Chef at work, Liguria - Palmaria Restaurant

Interview with Chef Francesco Parravicini (Palmaria Restaurant)

Beauty and fashion magazine ELLE (Italy) recently interviewed Francesco Parravicini, executive chef at Palmaria Restaurant in Portovenere. Chef Francesco, born in 1973, has already made a name for himself in Milan, where he became famous at a young age for his unexpected novice performances. Among his previous experiences are Hotel Principe di Savoia in Milan, […]

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