Where is Portovenere?

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Portovenere Italy Map Cinque Terre Bay of Poets
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A destination for elite tourism for over a century, Portovenere is a charming village that sits on the point connecting the spectacular Cinque Terre to the inspirational Gulf of Poets.

This Italian region, known for its brightly colored fishing villages, pristine waters and marine reserves, and a wide variety of hiking trails, offers visitors endless options during their visit. From Portovenere (also known as Porto Venere), a UNESCO World Heritage Site, it is easy to visit nearby attractions such as the Cinque Terre, Portofino, Lerici, Carrara, and many more.

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Where is Portovenere Grand Hotel?

Via Giuseppe Garibaldi, 5 – 19025 Portovenere (Sp) – Liguria