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Francesco Vaccarone Italian painter

Interview with Francesco Vaccarone, artist from the Gulf of Poets

Francesco Vaccarone is an Italian painter and sculptor who was born in La Spezia in the Gulf of Poets. His works are displayed in public collections, universities, museums and private collections all over the world. Some of his paintings have travelled around the globe before returning to Liguria, where they are permanently exposed at Grand […]

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Capolavori & Grand Hotel Portovenere

Italian crafts: 15% off with Grand Hotel Portovenere & Capolavori

Skilled Italian craftsmen create beautiful, unique pieces of art with their hands, using century-old traditions that were passed down from generation to generation. Grand Hotel Portovenere, the boutique hotel in the Gulf of Poets near Liguria’s Cinque Terre, celebrates the excellence of Made-in-Italy products created by craftsmen who are part of Capolavori. Capolavori is an […]

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Hélène de Beauvoir in the Gulf of Poets, Liguria

Artists in the Park: Hélène de Beauvoir in the Gulf of Poets

“Between River and Sea” is an art exhibition with works by French painter Hélène de Beauvoir. She created these paintings in the Gulf of Poets, when she was in her house in Trebiano, a village near Sarzana and within the Montemarcello-Magra Park. [Source/Photo credit for the top image:  Galerie Hammer Regensburg] Her paintings can be viewed […]

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Artisans in Portovenere: workshops in and around town

Almost 4.400 enterprises in Liguria are small, family-owned artisan businesses (data by Confartigianato). In most cases, young artisans inherit the traditional craft from their parents. Their work, whether passed down from generation to generation or picked up by new entrepreneurs interested in ancient crafts, plays a fundamental role in safeguarding old heritage and traditions. There […]

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