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What did travel bloggers and influencers have to say about Portovenere in 2017? Most travelers praised the beauty of its natural and man-made landscapes, and the unbeatable location that is off the beaten track yet so close to famous destinations like Portofino, Cinque Terre and Tuscany. Here are some of the articles and Instagram posts about the little gem in the Gulf of Poets.

24 hours in Portovenere, Italy

One of the more off-the-radar towns in the Cinque Terre region is Portovenere (or, Porto Venere). Situated on the eastern end of the Golfo dei Poeti (the Gulf of Poets, given frequent patrons Dante, Byron and Shelley), Porto Venere and its vibrant architectural facade has long been a precious wanderlust-inducing gem along the Mediterranean coast and makes the perfect pre Cinque Terre stop when passing through neighboring town La Spezia. Especially if your imagination is in need of wonder…

Kortney at themodernjetsetter.com

Une journée à Portovenere

Je n’avais pas du tout mis Portovenere sur ma liste lorsque j’avais commencé à organiser mon voyage mais je dois dire que cela aurait été une belle bêtise de louper cette si jolie destination reconnue par l’UNESCO.

carolinethecity portovenere blog
Caroline at carolinethecity.com

Ciao Italia

Déjà l’heure de repartir parce que je n’avais qu’une idée en tête: arriver à Portovenere avant le coucher du soleil #passioncoucherdesoleil, vous connaissez? Et ça n’a pas loupé: nous sommes arrivés à temps! A peine arrivés dans la chambre de notre suuuuuuuublime hôtel (et j’exagère même pas), j’ai dégainé l’appareil photo pour ne rien rater de cette vue magnifique… […] J’ai l’impression d’avoir réalisé un rêve qui n’était même pas sur ma liste, en dormant dans cet hôtel, le Grand Hotel Portovenere.

Jessica at jesscapes.com [photo credit for featured image above]

Portovenere and the Cinque Terre Villages

I can’t think of many places that I’ve been to, where nature’s beauty has been 100% enhanced by manmade beauty but the Cinque Terre villages certainly have. […] Portovenere isn’t actually one of the five villages that make up Cinque Terre but after much research we found out that it was equally beautiful and much less touristy.

maddie chester porto venere blog
Maddie at maddiechester.com

Travel: Portovenere Italy

Next stop on this Italian adventure – Portovenere! Venice and Florence are more well-known spots but this gem along the Mediterranean Sea is not to be over looked. We chose this beautiful spot because we wanted to end this vacation by checking out the coast and exploring the nearby Cinque Terre. I will discuss our visit to Cinque Terre next week but this post is dedicated to Portovenere because it actually was one of our favorites of the whole trip.

Courtney at northerngirlsouthernworld.com

Eli Roth’s Experience on Instagram

American film director, producer, writer, and actor – Eli Roth – shared some photos of his vacation in eastern Liguria: he chose Portovenere as the base for his stay and visited the Gulf of Poets and Cinque Terre just before returning home.

Visit the Italian Riviera: How to Plan a Day Trip to Portovenere from Cinque Terre

Portovenere (or Porto Venere) is often overshadowed by its neighboring towns along the Ligurian coast of Italy, but is an amazing destination in its own right (and a whole lot less crowded than Cinque Terre). Portovenere is located in what is known as the “Gulf of Poets” because many famous poets, writers and artists sought inspiration from this beautiful part of the world and spent their days in the villages and islands within the gulf.

Flo at yogawinetravel.com

Red Bull’s Cliff Diving Tour

Portovenere was one of the breathtaking locations chosen for Red Bull’s Cliff Diving 2017 – Road to Polignano Tour.

Have you been to Portovenere?

What was your travel experience like? If you have written about Portovenere or have read other blog posts about it, feel free to share in the comments below.



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