Leonardo da Vinci’s Machines

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Leonardo da Vinci is revered for his technological ingenuity, and is considered by many as the prime example of Universal Genius, the polymath of the Renaissance Era. How cool would it be to see some of his inventions, such as flying machines, war vehicles and mechanics & hydraulics devices? This spring you can enjoy a beautiful exhibition of such creations in Sarzana, specifically in Fortezza Firmafede from 18 March to 1 May 2017.

Le Macchine di Leonardo” is the world’s biggest private collection of machines by Leonardo da Vinci. It is owned by the Niccolai Family, whose members are particularly skilled craftsmen and have developed about 150 different models based on Da Vinci’s codes and historic documents. Furthermore, these machines were recreated using the materials of his time, such as wood, metal, ropes and fabrics. The accuracy of the models has been praised by different experts, including Professor Carlo Pedretti, Director of the Armand Hammer Centre for Leonardo Studies at the University of California in Los Angeles.

The exhibition at Fortezza Firmafede will include 20 models, some of which are interactive and can be actioned by the visitors themselves. The contraptions are accompanied by illustrative panels and informative videos. Families with children can also enjoy didactic laboratories.

Leonardo da Vinci’s Machines
Some of Da Vinci’s models in the Niccolai’s Collection. Source macchinedileonardo.com

When & Where to see Leonardo da Vinci’s Exhibition

The exhibition is open daily from 10:30am to 6:30pm, from 18 March to 1 May 2017 at Fortezza Firmafede, Via Cittadella, Sarzana.

Ticket cost: € 8 for Adults, € 6 for 4-14 years old or 65+, free entrance for children under 3 years old.

For more information contact Tel.3394130037

Fortezza Firmafede in Sarzana, Liguria
Fortezza Firmafede in Sarzana. Source fortezzafirmafede.it

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