Montemarcello Magra Park

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The Regional Nature Park of Montemarcello Magra is a paradise for nature lovers! Located within the Val di Magra, it offers the chance to enjoy unspoiled sceneries, clean lakes and rivers, birdwatching, and breathtaking views of the Ligurian Sea and the Apuan Alps.

The vegetation within the park is varied, featuring plants such as willows, alder, euphorbia, Geranium nodosum, Hawthorn, holm oaks, myrtles and even special species as the Cistus albidus.

Montemarcello Magra Park, Liguria

If you love plants and flowers, do not miss the Botanical Garden of Montemarcello. Situated at the top of Mount Murlo, it contains plants indigenous to the region. You can enjoy guided visits around the Garden and environmental education activities too.

The humid area of the Magra River is a perfect habitat for several animal species: here it is easy to spot grey and purple herons, mallards, little grebes, little egrets, and many more. In the area of Montemarcello, you are likely to see mammals such as hedgehogs, squirrels, weasels, badgers and boars.

Canoeing in the Montemarcello Magra Park, Liguria

Other birds that populate the Montemarcello Magra Park include blackcaps, goldfinches, thrushes, robins, chaffinches, eagle owls and gulls, making it a great spot for birdwatching.

The park features a variety of spectacular hiking trails suitable both for experienced hikers as well as families. Here you can enjoy other nature sports such cycling, sailing, canoeing, horse riding, fishing and trekking.

Ruins in the Montemarcello Magra Park, Liguria

After hours of physical activity exploring the park, you can recharge your battery by tasting delicious local products! Furthermore, the Montemarcello Magra Park includes 20 towns and villages (including Sarzana and Lerici), meaning that you can alternate nature and sports with culture and art too.

Learn more about the Park of Montemarcello Magra with the following video.

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