Pop Eat | Nutriamo il Borgo: Art & Food Festival

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Pop Eat | Nutriamo il Borgo is the festival that combines the traditional cuisine of Liguria and Lunigiana with visual arts and conviviality. This event aims at promoting the gastronomic culture of the territory between Liguria and Tuscany as well as the artists who work mainly in the field of visual arts.

Pop Eat takes place every August in Castelnuovo Magra, a beautiful village in a hilly area between the provinces of La Spezia in Liguria and Massa Carrara in Tuscany. Its IV edition, which takes place on 17 and 18 August 2019, was presented in July in Portovenere in the Gulf of Poets.

If the event is organized in the hinterland, why was it announced and promoted on the Italian Riviera?

The reason is simple: Grand Hotel Portovenere has always been at the forefront in the promotion of little-known territories, starting from its own sea village all the way to the mountainous or countryside villages opposite the Gulf of Poets. On this occasion, the boutique hotel near Cinque Terre has applied its ‘glocal approach’ to inform its international guests about the hidden gems and authentic activities that take place off the beaten path.

The presentation of the Pop Eat Food Festival in Portovenere. In the photo: Orianna Fregosi (Pop Eat founder), Cristina Raso (Marketing & Communication at Grand Hotel Portovenere), Francesco Serpe (Assistant Manager at Grand Hotel Portovenere) and Massimiliano Volonterio (Chef at Palmaria Restaurant).

Grand Hotel Portovenere will be present at Pop Eat | Nutriamo il Borgo (which literally means “let’s feed the village”) on 18 August, showcasing how it has become an eno-gastronomic hub in the Italian Riviera thanks to the events that take place in its Palmaria Restaurant and Venus Bar.

The Pop Eat Festival was conceived and is organized by Orianna Fregosi, an art historian who is specialized in marketing and development of the territory. A different topic is chosen every year to inspire and guide the artistic and culinary proposals of the event. The theme of 2019 is the “street”, intended as the place where exchanges happen, for example where grandmothers would share recipes or exchange the dishes that they had just cooked.

Head over to Castelnuovo Magra on 17-18 August to taste delicious food! One of the protagonists will be the “panino” in all its varieties, including original sandwiches with local mussels! Apart from pleasing your taste buds, your eyes will feast on exhibitions and shows by artists and artisans of national fame.

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