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Environmental sustainability, de-seasonalization, romanticism, sports and relaxation: these are the key points that distinguish Portovenere as a destination for quality tourism in Liguria, according to a study realized by the students of Milano Bicocca University for their Master in Tourism Sales Management. They presented the results during a conference at the ‘Lerici’ meeting room of Grand Hotel Portovenere, the boutique hotel that endorsed the initiative along with the local administration and the Federazione Turismo Organizzato (FTO).

The students analyzed various aspects of Portovenere, including transportation, accessibility, morphology, web communication, opportunities and risks. Following interviews with tourists and local businesses, they then formulated a proposal for the strategic positioning of the touristic offer. During the conference at Grand Hotel Portovenere, the researchers revealed that the medieval village on the Gulf of Poets is perceived as a sea destination where to enjoy relaxing holidays, where to practice sports (mainly trekking and surfing), and as a romantic location that is popular for destination weddings and honeymoons.

Even though Portovenere enchants every visitor that lays eyes on it, much is to be done to communicate the unicity of this village. In fact,

“Portovenere experiences the flows of mass tourism from the Cinque Terre, a flow that is not suitable for the niche offer of Portovenere, the pearl of the Bay of La Spezia, which can compete with elite destinations that have a more established identity like Portofino”

observed Raffaele Paletti, owner of Grand Hotel Portovenere, during the conference.

The Doria Castle dominates Porto Venere, Liguria

Discover Portovenere Blog is one example of how local entities, like the Grand Hotel, have invested in the communication of the destination. Another example is the group of Instagrammers that is visiting the village just now: don’t miss their amazing shots in our next blog post!

What about you? When did you first hear or how did you learn about Portovenere? If you have already visited the Gulf of Poets and the Cinque Terre, what differences did you perceive in these neighboring destinations? Share in the comments below!

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