Portovenere on TV: Commercials and Movies

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Maybe you have never heard of the name Portovenere; yet, chances are that you might have seen this beautiful sea village in movies, or in TV commercials.

Here are just some ads and movies that have featured Portovenere at some point in time.

Movie: The Count of Montecristo (1974)

Enjoy the first 5 minutes of the movie: the entire opening scene takes place in the harbor of Portovenere!

TV Commercial “Land of Quattro” (2013)

Can you spot the Church of San Pietro engulfed in a breathtaking storm?

Movie: Captain America (1990)

The entire final part takes place in the Gulf of Poets, and you can spot Palmaria Island and the beautiful coastline as Marvel-comic hero Steve Rogers fights against the villain “Red Skull”.

Groovy TV Commercial (1970’s)

This vintage TV ad, filmed in and around Portovenere, will get you moving!

Bollywood Movie: Dil Dhadkne Do (2015)

This must be one of the coolest movie posters, ever!

"Dil Dhadkne Do" Movies in Portovenere

Glorious TV Commercial (1990’s)

A glorious song accompanies F1 champion Michael Schumacher in a majestic setting…

What about you? Have you spotted Portovenere or the Gulf of Poets in other movies and TV commercials? Share below!

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