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Liguria is a beautiful region full of traditions, art, culture and places waiting to be discovered and appreciated. While our blog, Discover Portovenere, focuses mainly on the lovely villages that dot the Gulf of Poets, we love sharing stories and interesting facts from  the “motherland”.

One of our favorite blogs is called “La Liguria racconta”, which translates as “Liguria narrates”. As the name hints, this blog tells stories and experiences – by travelers for travelers.

“According to Italian singer Fossati, we are all “traveling travelers” and, in order to get to know every corner of this rainbow – shaped land, we need many eyes and new perspectives. [This blog is] like sitting around a fire in the night and take turns to tell and listen to stories.”

The Editorial team is made up by many different professionals, including journalists, bloggers, communicators and tourism experts. Their common desire is to make people discover the region from a different angle, with stories grouped in the following categories: Active, Culture, Family, Food, and Glocal.

Here are some of the latest articles:


My Travel Blogger Elevator: on the roofs of Genoa

Each of us has done a different journey to get there, but in the end we all arrived with a lift over the roofs of Genoa…


Liguria: Digital Diary Preview

They’re packing, getting their cameras ready and feeling like they are already here…


Driving along the Italian Riviera for the very first time

In order to fully explore the beautiful coastlines, picturesque Italian villages and the diverse culture of Liguria, you’re most likely going to need a car. The majority of Big Boot Italy is fairly easy to drive around and offers some truly spectacular stretches of road alongside oceans and mountains; there’s not many other countries that can compete with the Italian driving experience! So to give you just a taste of what you can expect from driving around in Liguria, here are our favourite places to visit by car…

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Photo Credits: Turismo in Liguria / La Liguria Racconta

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