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Just a few days ago, Palmaria Restaurant launched three wine tasting itineraries called “Italian wines to tickle your taste buds”. For foodies who want an experience that goes beyond wine and appetizers, the gourmet restaurant in Portovenere is also proposing a special tasting menu with amazing wine & food combinations.

The menu is available only throughout the month of April, as Palmaria Restaurant will propose different monthly food experiences and events throughout the season.

Tasting Menu: Wine & Food Combinations


Raw amberjack
Creamed salt cod

Blauwal, classic winemaking method from Chardonnay grapes, by Azienda Cesconi

About the Combination: This wine’s moderate acidity blends heavenly with raw fish and white meat in general.

About the Wine: The grapes are hand-picked at an altitude of approximately 300meters a.s.l. and then soft pressed in the absence of oxygen, obtaining a yield of no more than 50%. The resulting must is poured into used barriques where the alcoholic and malolactic fermentations take place, followed by an aging period of 8 months on the lees. At that point, the base wine is prepared for the tirage, respecting the characteristics of the vintage. The secondary fermentation takes place in the bottle. After aging for 60 months on the lees, the bottles are moved to the pupitres where the riddling takes place, which allows the yeasts to be moved toward the cork and eventually eliminated with disgorgement.

About Azienda Cesconi: A family estate with a great wine-growing tradition, rooted in history and perfected on the hills of Trentino Alto Adige. Over the years, the winery has converted all its vineyards to organic farming and has started introducing biodynamic principles. In addition to a total production of about 125,000 bottles for the different types of wine, Azienda Cesconi also produces a very limited quantity of Extra-Virgin Olive Oil as well as apples.

Cesconi Winery Italy
Azienda Cesconi

First Course:

Maltagliati pasta with octopus

Le Pinete, vermentino 90% viogner 10%, by Azienda Eucaliptus

About the Combination: The wine provides an interesting match with the ragout made with cherry tomato instead of normal sauce.

About the Wine: Le Pinete Vermentino Bolgheri Doc has a smell that is sweet and persistent, a scent that represents the sun and the sea in the area of Tuscany where it comes from, two elements necessary for making this wine. The maceration prior to fermentation at a controlled temperature of no more than 20°C allows this vermentino to have an important but non-invasive scent. It ages 4 months on its own sediment in temperature-controlled vats and then ages further in the bottle.

About Azienda Eucaliptus: Located in the renowned Bolgheri wine district in Tuscany, this estate is owned and managed by the Di Vaira Family, who has been in the winemaking business for decades. Four hectares with a variety of grapes that are hand-picked: Vermentino, Chardonnay, Sangiovese, Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon – Petit Verdot and Syrah.

Agriturismo Eucaliptus Bolgheri Tuscany
Agriturismo Eucaliptus

Main Course:

Grilled sea scallop with a cicada-lobster consommé

Conte Lucio, pinot grigio, by Azienda La Bellanotte

About the Combination: the perfect bond between a noble mollusk prepared with elegance and an unusual pinot grigio with its natural copper color.

About the Wine: 60 years is the average age of the vine, located in an area of Friuli Venezia Giulia characterized by extreme temperature changes between day and night. The temperature-controlled fermentation is followed by at least 5 months ageing in steel, then 5 more months in wood, and finally in bottle for 5 additional months. With a fascinating, intense color of copper and antique gold, this wine offers complex, exotic aromas. In the mouth, the wine is full, rich, fresh and inviting with persistent, complex flavors enveloping the palate.

About Azienda La Bellanotte: The history of this winery spans throughout an outstanding three centuries. Its vineyards extend among the valley of River Isonzo, a world of great wines, producing Doc Friuli Isonzo, Doc Collio and IGT Venezia Giulia. The harvest is manual and the vintage begins after a careful examination of the grapes through techniques of sensorial analysis in the vineyard, later supported by laboratory exams.

Azienda La Bellanotte Friuli Venezia Giulia
Azienda La Bellanotte

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