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Travel Bloggers on Portovenere: reviews & testimonials

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The medieval sea village of Portovenere might not be as famous as the Cinque Terre, but when reading authentic reviews by travelers around the web, one thing is certain: almost everyone refers to it as the surprising cherry on the cake of their Italian trip, and everybody recommends it as an off-the-beaten-track destination!

Here are some of many posts by travel bloggers who have been to Portovenere and the Cinque Terre in Liguria.

Adventure and Peace In Portovenere

The buildings are beautiful, colorful. And I can feel the vibration of the Granite and other stones everywhere here. […] When you walk through those fortified walls into the darker interior streets of Old Town, you feel as though you are stepping through a time portal.

By Marilyn on

Portovenere – One of my Favourite Places in Italy

Portovenere is on the Ligurian Coast between La Spezia and the Cinque Terre. It sits very prettily at the base of the steep slopes of Muzzerone, a rocky mountain covered with olive and pine trees. The town is watched over by the tower of the old citadel.

By Debra Kolkka on

Travel Bloggers in Portovenere: image by Debra Kolkka on
A glimpse of Portovenere’s harbor. Image by Debra Kolkka on

The pretty harbour town of Portovenere and the Cinque Terre

Portovenere has been listed as number 45 of The New York Times 45 Places to go to in 2012 and I whole heartedly agree and while you are there do make time to visit the villages of the Cinque Terre.

by Kathryn Burrington on
Another tasty article by Kathryn: “Portovenere, the Cinque Terre and heaps of spaghetti with pesto


Porto Venere – A Secret Jewel In The Italian Region Of Liguria

Speaking about Liguria, everyone would immediately think at Portofino or The wonderful UNESCO Heritage area of Cinque Terre, but not many would think at La Spezia halfway between Genoa and Florence on the Ligurian coast. Instead Porto Venere is an unmissable destination.

By “ED What am I doing here?” on

Travel Bloggers in Portovenere: image by dailyindulgencetourism
A detail on the door of S. Pietro Church. Image by dailyindulgencetourism

Cinque Terre (Part 2) and Portovenere

A highlight of my visit to Cinque Terre was probably Portovenere. It’s another unique fishing village that you can take a ferry to from La Spezia or directly from one of the 5 towns (depending on the weather/ocean safety). […]. If you are visiting Cinque Terre, please make it a point to visit Portvenere – it’s amazing!

By Daily Indulgence Tourism on

Porto Venere and the Gulf of Poets

A few years ago I fell in love with Villefranche-sur-Mer on the French Cote d’Azur. Nothing can match the beautiful scenery and casual ambience of a small seaside town. Now I’ve lost my heart to the charming village of Porto Venere on the Ligurian coast of Italy. This stretch of coastline is known as the Riviera di Levante, the coast of the rising sun.

By Faye North on

Pesto Shop in Portovenere. Image by
Pesto Shop in Portovenere. Image by

Italy’s Cinque Terre: 5 Lands, 5 Secrets And A Grand Finale

I ended my visit in the other location making up part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site: Porto Venere, a colorful and elegant resort with a delightful port. I followed the recommendation to have a candlelight dinner at Palmaria, the restaurant on the terrace of the magnificent renovated Grand Hotel, once a convent and now reopened as a four-star classy destination that offers impeccable service. The restaurant’s view was spectacular. So was the menu. I obviously went for fish. I tried the most tender seared scallops with a baby potato cream and the exquisite Gran Bollito di Pesce a delicate boiled sea bass and shellfish stew, served with handmade mayonnaise.

By “non-touristy tourist” Cesare Zucca on

Portovenere, Italy: A Great Place to Vacation with Kids

“I love Italy!” announced our nine-year old son on our first full day in Portovenere. Although he was the first to say it, we were all charmed by this seaside village on the Ligurian Coast.

By Alexandra Regan  on

Porto Venere – a little jewel on the Ligurian coast

On entering the laid back and quiet town of Porto Venere I was immediately smitten! It was like Cinque Terre without the tourists! Multi coloured houses, a small piazza and shops lined to my right while I could see the port on my left! […] Anyone going to the Cinque Terre must visit this lovely seaside town. It is the real Italy which will sweep you off your feet!

By Ishita Sood on

Goat on Palmaria Island, Liguria. Image by
Goat on Palmaria. Image by

Palmaria – Guardian of Portovenere

Palmaria is one of the treasures of Liguria, and you can’t escape her. When you visit the sights around the Gulf of the Poets, you’ll see her in the distance. She’s in every sunset from Lerici, a gray shape on every foggy winter morning in Tellaro, and she will watch you inspect the colorful waterfront of Portovenere. When you cross the channel to court her, you’ll see the beauty she sees: the hillside tumble called Portovenere, the juxtaposition of tiny sail boats and giant tankers, the cliffs of the Cinque Terre coast, wild goats under umbrella pines, and views you’ll never forget.

By Martha Bates on

Travel bloggers, forums, guides and videos

Apart from what travel bloggers have to say on Portovenere, you can always read through threads on travel forums. For example, Tripadvisor has a discussion called “Portovenere…worth seeing?”

Or trust authoritative travel guides like Lonely Planet, who introduces Portovenere like this:

If Cinque Terre were ever to pick up an honorary sixth member, Porto Venere would surely be it.

Finally, even some “youtubing” will impress you with all the images and videos uploaded by travel enthusiasts.

Have you been to Portovenere? What was your travel experience like? If you have written about Portovenere or have read other blog posts about it, feel free to share below!

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