Wine from Palmaria Island with Mussel Carbonara

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In 2019, the collaboration between Grand Hotel Portovenere and the Possa Winery from Riomaggiore (Cinque Terre) resulted in the launch of an exclusive edition of 1000 bottles of Parmaea, the only wine produced on Palmaria Island. This white wine is obtained with Vermentino (60%), Albarola (20%) and Trebbiano (20%) grapes.

Isola Palmaria is the largest island of the Arcipelago Spezzino, just opposite the village of Portovenere, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site along with its islands and Cinque Terre. Among its woodland and Mediterranean scrubland, Palmaria features a real jewel: a vineyard of about half a hectare where Parmaea was born.

At Palmaria Restaurant in Portovenere, Chef Massimiliano Volonterio proposes a special dish for you to taste two amazing local products: the mussels farmed in the Gulf of Poets and the wine produced in the island after which the restaurant is named.

Panoramic view of Palmaria Island from the namesake restaurant across the Portovenere sea channel.

Linguine Morelli e la sua Carbonara di Muscoli

Linguine Morelli
Muscoli di La Spezia
An egg and a yolk
Guanciale (pork cheek lard)
Pecorino Romano cheese
Simmer with Parmae White Wine

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