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Cantine Federici owns one of the main wineries in the Gulf of Poets. It is located in the historic Luni area near Liguria’s border with Tuscany. This territory, dotted with fortified villages, features a varied and rich landscape. Its hills are covered with olive groves and vineyards, halfway between the sea and the Apuan Hills.

The winery is owned and managed by locals: the Federici’s are originally from Ortonovo in the heart of the DOC Colli di Luni area. The family has a long farming tradition that dates back to the early 1900s. In 1985, they decided to focus definitively on growing the Vermentino grape and producing quality wines.

Ancient territory of Luni in Liguria. Cantine Federici.
Baia del Sole’s location within the ancient territory of Luni

In 2015, Cantine Federici inaugurated the new winery near Portovenere in a building called “Baia del Sole”, which complements the other three existing historic buildings. It covers 1600 square meters and was designed according to the principles of bio-architecture. Solar panels, natural cooling systems, use of wood, stone and brick are just some of the tricks used to make the structure environmentally friendly and well integrated in an area of great environmental and archaeological sensitivity.

Grape harvest in Liguria. Cantine Federici winery near PortovenereIn order to allow a more accurate selection of the grapes, the grape harvest is carried out by hand.

The owners carefully follow all the processes: from when the grapes are brought into the cellar during the vinification, to bottling and the subsequent aging where the bottles are buried underground and protected by thick stone walls.


Some of the wines produced at the Federici Winery near Portovenere are the:

  • VERMENTINI: Sarticola, Oro d’ Isée, Solaris
  • WHITES: Gladius, Muri Grandi, Raggio di Sole
  • ROSE’: Prima Brezza
  • REDS: Terre d’oriente, Eutichiano, Forlino, Vigeo
  • SPARKLING: Gran Cuvée, Moscato, Simpatia

Interested in visiting Cantine Federici and tasting the products of this winery? Guided tours and tastings are offered on request. Visit the website for more information.

Another important, beautiful winery near Portovenere is Cantine Lvnae. You can read more about its philosophy and wines here: Ca’ Lvnae: wine, culture & tradition in Liguria.

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PHOTO CREDITS: Cantine Federici La Baia del Sole

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