Art & Sightseeing near Portovenere: Michelangelo Museum in Carrara

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The CARMI – Carrara and Michelangelo Museum is a wonderful art attraction near the Gulf of Poets, just one-hour drive from Portovenere. The museum is dedicated to the undisputed icon of Renaissance art, Michelangelo, and his relationship with the territory of Carrara in Tuscany. We recommend combining a visit to Michelangelo’s Museum with the Tour in Carrara’s Marble Quarries.

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CARMI’s permanent and temporary exhibitions are housed in the beautiful Villa Fabbricotti della Padula, built in 1879 on a project by Vincenzo Micheli for the Fabbricotti family, famous industrial dynasty and Carrara marble traders. The villa was restored recently in order to host the CARMI – Museo Carrara e Michelangelo, inaugurated on 2 June 2018.

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The museum has a permanent exhibition dedicated the relationship between Michelangelo, the city of Carrara and marble. This link started towards the end of the 15th century, when Michelangelo visited Carrara and its caves for the first time. You can also admire recreations such as the full-scale Moses and holograms of works like David.

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Apart from Michelangelo, there are also finely articulated reproductions of works by artists like Rothko, Le Corbusier, Arata Isozaki and Robert Venturi. The museum also dedicates some interesting spaces to the history of the Fabbricotti family.

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The 19th-century building of Villa Fabbricotti is located within the Parco della Padula in Carrara. Padula Park is an artistic park full of environmental works of art, including works by international artists Merz, Mainolfi, Parmiggiani and Morris.

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