Ca’ Lvnae: wine, culture & tradition in Liguria

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Nestled among the vineyards between Sarzana (Liguria) and Carrara (Tuscany) near the Gulf of Poets, is the charming winery and 18th-century farmhouse of Ca’ Lvnae.

Paolo Bosoni is the founder of Cantine Lvnae. In 1966, he decided to continue his family’s work – for generations dedicated to agriculture – by focusing on viticulture. The respect for family roots & local Liguria traditions, as well as research and studies, characterize his meticulous approach to grape growing and wine making. Paolo follows the whole process with the support of his brother Lucio and a group of three young enologists, an agronomist and a wine master.

The 18th-century farmhouse & courtyard at Ca Lunae Winery, Liguria
The 18th-century farmhouse & courtyard

Ca’ Lvnae goes beyond the concept of winery.

In fact, apart from the cellars, the wine shop and the wine tasting room – the estate also features the Museum of Wine Material Culture and the Essentiae Laboratory that produces handmade liquors and jams following ancient traditional recipes and using seasonal fruits.

The Museum of Wine Material Culture
The Museum of Wine Material Culture

The museum is dedicated to the material culture of wine. Paolo Bosoni’s personal collection of ancient agricultural tools is on display, creating an evocative path through the history of the rural world in the Lunigiana area. You will follow an itinerary that reproduces five characteristic scenes of the agricultural sector: the soil, the harvest, the artisan, the cellar, the wine. Furthermore, two video installations and small contemporary artworks express the main idea of the museum: the fundamental connection between past and future, tradition and research, the basis of LVNAE philosophy.

When visiting Ca’ Lvnae, you will learn about the art of wine making, about the processing techniques for making jams and even discover the secrets and the history of traditional Ligurian liquors. You will also visit the estate’s delightful herbs garden featuring a wide collection of typical herbs and even a small lake born from a natural spring!

The wine cellars at Ca’ Lvnae Winery in Liguria
The wine cellars at Ca’ Lvnae Winery

Your visit to Ca’ Lvnae will end with a guided wine tasting throughout different itineraries that will delight beginners and wine connoisseurs alike. Local wines will be paired with selected local gastronomy products from this area of Liguria, and you will also savor the Essentiae Ligurian handmade liquors and jams.

Ca’ Lvnae overlooks the ancient via Aurelia, located only 1 km away from the historical ruins of Luni, which was the most important roman archaeological site north of Rome.

The Wines of Ca’ Lvnae

Paolo Bosoni’s Cru Wines – Horae, Niccolò V Riserva, Cavagino

Vermentino – Black and Gray labels

White Wines – Albarola, Fior di Luna, Leukotea

Red Wines – Niccolò V, Circvs, Auxo

Rosè Wines – MeaRosa

Spumante – 1.b and 1.r

Passito Wine – Nektar

Distillate – Grappa di Vermentino

See the product details on the website of Ca’ Lvnae

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