Gulf of Poets by boat: Interview with Sailor Filippo

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Exploring the Gulf of Poets from the sea is one of the best experiences in the Italian Riviera. Whether you choose a quick boat ride or a slow tour to discover Portovenere, Lerici, Palmaria and La Spezia, the sailor can make the difference. In fact, a great skipper can also be your expert guide from the sea, explaining the local culture and tradition, and giving you other local insights about the places you visit.

Today we interview Filippo Caramelli, expert sailor and funding partner of HopHop Boat, a fantastic company offering sustainable boat tours in the Gulf of Poets.

What are the things that visitors find particularly striking/surprising in the Gulf of Poets?
For sure the richness and variety of sceneries: they range from the breath-taking beauty of San Pietro church plunging down to the sea in Portovenere to the fascinating mystery of Tellaro Grotto on the other side of the Gulf. There has to be a reason why so many poets desperately fell in love with the Gulf of Poets.


Share with us a “local tip”.
A truly inspiring experience in the Gulf of Poets should embrace its taste! Just try La Spezia mussels: locals call them “Muscoli”. In Portovenere you’ll find possibly the best place for tasting them. Ever heard of Palmaria Restaurant? 🙂

The Gulf of Poets is beautiful in every bay and corner, a paradise of Instagrammers looking for the perfect picture. Is there a particular or little-known spot from the sea that is ideal for a #WOW photo?
The “Madonna Stella Maris” statue, emerging from the water just outside the Tinetto Island. It’s surrounded by crystal-clear water, singing gulls and placid waves: the WOW effect is granted. It’s easily reachable thanks to one of HopHop Boat Tours. Want more? Get there for a sunset Aperitivo on our boats.

What types of tour and services do you offer?
All our tours put together the emotions of the journey with the freedom to enjoy the destination.
The “Fast Tour” is our flagship! Choose it to reach Portovenere, Lerici, Palmaria or Pozzale beaches, or another destination within the Gulf, with a 15-minute boat tour among the Gulf’s enchanted villages and breath-taking sceneries. We’ll pick you up again from your destination whenever you wish.
The “Slow Tour” is tailor made experience which duration and itineraries are fully customizable. With incomparable relax you’ll have the chance to enjoy an Aperitivo on the sea, experience a swim in crystal-clear waters inaccessible from the shore or be mesmerized by the sunset light on one of the
UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

gulf of poets boat transfer

What does HopHopBoat do to protect the sea and promote environmental sustainability?
The sea belongs to everyone. That’s why we launched the initiative HOP(e) FOR THE SEA.
We act to recognize, report and intervene on potential threats to marine life.
We protect the fragile beauty of the sea.
We inspire our Guests to do the same.
We recycle 100% of our plastics, metal and paper, and constantly take part in sea clean-up activities.
We reduce and offset our CO2 emissions

Thank you for your time, Filippo!

You can find out more about the tours by HopHop Boat and its initiative for sustainability in the Gulf of Poets at

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