Harvest Celebration at Ca’ Lvnae Winery

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Every year, the winery of Ca’ Lvnae celebrates the end of the harvest season by organizing a small festival as per ancient traditions. The winery is nestled among the vineyards between Sarzana (Liguria) and Carrara (Tuscany) near the Gulf of Poets.

The 18th-century farmhouse & courtyard at Ca Lunae WInery, Liguria
The 18th-century farmhouse & courtyard

Paolo Bosoni, vine grower and wine maker, heads Ca’ Lvnae since 1966: he belongs to the fourth generation of a family that has always dedicated itself to agriculture and viticulture.

The winery features a charming 18th-century farmhouse, cellars, Bosoni’s personal collection of ancient agricultural tools, a wine shop, a tasting room, the Museum of Wine Material Culture and even the Essentiae Laboratory that produces liquors and jams using seasonal fruits.

For a more complete description of this unique winery and its philosophy, read the following article: “Ca’ Lvnae: wine, culture & tradition in Liguria”.

2015 Harvest Fest program

Ca’ Lvnae invites everyone to join the winery in the celebration of the 2015 harvest on Sunday 15 November.

Harvest Celebration at Ca’ Lvnae Winery, Liguria

The day will begin at 11AM with the presentation of the first product of the harvest, a red Golfo dei Poeti I.G.T. wine called “Luna di Novembre” (November Moon). This unique wine is produced in small quantities, and will be drawn directly from vats and jugs according to traditional rural celebrations.

Paolo Bosoni himself will lead the opening toast, offering a special surprise to celebrate Ca’ Lvnae’s history… what will it be? The only way to find out is to visit the winery on that day!

A number of local producers, artisans and artists will participate in the event, presenting and sharing their work to recreate the atmosphere of an ancient hamlet.

Harvest Celebration at Ca’ Lvnae Winery, Liguria

Visitors will enjoy tastings of local products including cold cuts, traditional bread, cheese, “zero-kilometer” fruits & veggies, typical desserts, saffron, aromatic herbs, flours and pasta.

There will also be exhibitions of artistic artisanship, collector’s knives, carving and restoration techniques, ancient looms and traditional baskets. A storyteller and the Maccheroni small orchestra will provide the background to the event.

Harvest Celebration at Ca’ Lvnae Winery, Liguria

Another original feature of the winery’s Harvest Celebration is that its Essentiae Laboratory will host a cocktail bar with an old-style barbershop. Professional bartenders will propose a selection of cocktails created with the Essentiae liqueurs, while a vintage-style barber will be available to cut beards, mustaches and hair!

The event will also help local charities: by buying a wine glass for only 5 euro, visitors will be able to taste the most delicious wines and to help with a gesture of solidarity.

Will you be in the area of the Gulf of Poets on 15 November? Do not miss this unique harvest party!

Via Palvotrisia, 2 – Castelnuovo Magra (SP)
Tel. (+39) 0187 693483

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Photo credits: www.calunae.it 

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