Italian Riviera Beach Experiences: Portovenere & Versilia

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Few things can be as captivating as experiencing the coastal beauty of the Italian Riviera. Some of the most gorgeous beaches and exclusive seaside towns are located between Liguria and Tuscany, so why not combine a visit to both regions? The Gulf of Poets in Liguria and its neighboring Versilia in Tuscany allow you to make the most out of a nature, cultural & shopping vacation. Here are some ideas on what to see and do.

The Seaside Towns in the Gulf of Poets (Liguria)

The Gulf of Poets includes the picturesque villages of Portovenere, San Terenzo, Lerici and Tellaro. In the middle of the bay, which is named after the poets that loved it like Shelley, Byron, Petrarch and Montale, you find the largest town of the area, La Spezia. All these places offer amazing coastal views, delicious cuisine with fresh seafood and vegetables, and lots of history.

Beach in Portovenere

Portovenere and its Islands of Palmaria, Tino and Tinetto (UNESCO World Heritage Site) offer some of the best bathing and diving spots in the area. Porto Venere has been a destination for elite tourism for centuries. Since this colorful village is located right next to the famous Cinque Terre and just one-hour drive away from the Versilia Riviera, it can be the perfect base for a vacation between Liguria and Tuscany.

From Portovenere you can easily move around the Gulf of Poets, Cinque Terre and Versilia with ferries, boat tours or private motorboats, which offer the best way to admire the coastal landscape and to find hidden coves and beaches.

Seaside Art, Food & Shopping Tours in Versilia (Tuscany)

For an exclusive beach experience in Tuscany, you can enrich your stay in Portovenere with a tour that gives you the chance to get close and personal with the culture, history and lifestyle of its glamorous neighbor, Versilia.


The Versilia Riviera is popular for its fashionable resorts in the towns of Viareggio, Forte dei Marmi and Pietrasanta; but also famous for the art cities of Lucca and Carrara, and for the wonderful Apuan Alps. Nestled in this gorgeous scenery is the Alpemare Beach Club, a new project managed by the Bocelli Family. A lavish pine forest and gardens with works of art lead you to the wide soft sandy beach.

One tour option begins with a visit in Lucca, where you will get a guided tour of Giacomo Puccini’s hometown. Next is a stop in Pietrasanta, a gathering place for artists from across the world, with an elegant historic center full of art galleries and boutiques. Nearby is Forte dei Marmi, where you will enjoy lunch at Alpemare Beach Club. The wine paired with your meal comes straight from the Bocelli family vineyards! The tour ends with a visit in Pisa and its famous Leaning Tower, before heading back to Portovenere with a panoramic one-hour drive along the Gulf of Poets.


Forte dei Marmi is a must-visit destination for those who love high fashion Italian brands. So, another exclusive experience to be enjoyed here is a shopping spree in boutiques like Gucci, Valentino, Trussardi, Fendi, Prada and Versace, amongst others. You have the option to be accompanied by your own Personal Shopper!

Book an Exclusive Italian Beach Experience

These exclusive experiences in the Italian Riviera are provided by Great Italy Tour in collaboration with Grand Hotel Portovenere, the only luxury hotel between Cinque Terre and the Gulf of Poets. For more information, please contact .

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