Tellaro, Fiascherino & San Terenzo

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Today we will be exploring three tiny villages on the eastern coast of the Gulf of Poets: San Terenzo to the north of Lerici, and Tellaro and Fiascherino to the south.


Tellaro has been included in the list of Italy’s Most Beautiful Villages (I Borghi più Belli d’Italia). This small fishing village is perched on a cliff overlooking the Bay of La Spezia.

Like in other villages along the bay, Tellaro – pictured in the main image above – features colorful buildings built right on the sea, terraced hills, and charming boats that rest under the sun.

Tellaro and the Octopus - local legend, LiguriaAccording to a famous local legend, during the Middle Ages a giant octopus saved the town from the attack of Saracen pirates by tolling the Church bells and alerting the sleeping population.

Tellaro hosts one of the most beautiful Christmas celebrations in Italy, called Natale Subacqueo (Underwater Christmas). On this occasion, the statue of Baby Jesus emerges from the sea, transported by a group of divers who then place it in the manger, surrounded by more than 8.000 candles.

Other traditional events include the Sagra del Polpo (Octopus Festival) that takes place evey year on the second Sunday of August; and the Feast of the Patron Saint – San Giorgio – on the 23rd of April.


Located between Lerici and Tellaro, Fiascherino lies on a charming, jagged bay. This is where English writer David Herbert Lawrence decided to spend some time in 1913-1914 with his partner Frida.

Fiascherino, amazing beaches near Lerici, Liguria
The rugged coast of Fiascherino – photo from

Even though the natural setting is beautiful all along the coast, there is something particular about nature here. It gives you a true sense of freedom!

Fiascherino is particularly known for its bathing spots. If you are feeling sporty and on the lookout for an amazing beach, do not miss the one located at the end of about 200 steps!

San Terenzo

San Terenzo is located near Lerici, on the way to La Spezia. Its castle is perched on a rocky spur that dominates the bay, and was built by the town’s inhabitants in the 1400s to defend the area from the attacks of Saracen pirates. Nowadays, the building hosts art exhibits and cultural events. Underneath the castle, the cliff features a grotto called “the Den of the Turks” (Tana dei Turchi).

The ancient local church is home to a XV century bas-relief by Domenico Gare, and is dedicated to the Nativity of the Virgin Mary, which is celebrated annually on 8 September.

Its evocative promenade, the relaxed lifestyle and the breathtaking landscapes are the main ingredients that brought hordes of artists to spend some time in San Terenzo. Among today’s attractions are two beautiful ancient villas: the aristocratic Villa Marigola, which hosted – among others – poet Gabriele d’Annunzio and playwright Sem Benelli; and the whitewashed Villa Magni, home to Percy Bysshe and Mary Shelley in 1822.

Villa Marigola, San Terenzo, Liguria
The amazing gardens at Villa Marigola – image from

Have you ever visited any of these tiny gems? Were you surprised by their splendor? Share your experiences on the Bay of Poets below!

Photo credit: main image of Tellaro above from “The Flowers of Popular Victories,” Tellaro by

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