Recipe: raw red shrimp with iced celery & savory yogurt

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Chef Francesco Parravicini of Palmaria Restaurant shares a delightful recipe for these hot summer days! The Chef of the gourmet restaurant in Portovenere explains:

“When conceiving this dish, as happens with the majority of the ones that I create, I thought of the first and imperative rule: simplicity. I like to combine elements of excellent quality and let each ingredient exalt the virtues of the others. In this case, the acidity of the yoghurt, the freshness of the dill and the unmistakable saltiness of the Maldon crystals, hold by the hand the Mediterranean flavors of the shrimps, elevating their character to the highest level.”

Ingredients for 4 people:

  • Sicilian red shrimps – 800 gr (whole, with carapace)
  • Celery – 60 gr
  • Extra virgin olive oil – 20 gr
  • 1 Lime
  • Low-fat handmade yogurt – 30 gr
  • Fresh dill – 5 gr
  • Maldon salt – 3 gr
  • Sichuan pepper

Mediterranean Summer Recipe with Shrimps


To clean the shrimps, remove the carapace and the intestine by cutting the back with a small knife, then cut them finely until you obtain a tartare. Season with extra virgin olive oil, pepper, just a pinch of salt, lime juice.

Blanch the celery and cool immediately in the ice, then make a brunoise (cut in very small dices).

Form small circles with the help of a coppapasta (food ring mold for dough), keep the layers separated, add small brushstrokes of yogurt, Maldon salt and dill.

Buon appetito!

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