Rosamunda Spritz Cocktail

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The panoramic Venus Bar in Portovenere proposes a new cocktail called Rosamunda Spritz, to celebrate the never-ending summer in the Gulf of Poets. The strong taste and sweet notes make this cocktail ideal for a sparkling aperitif time.

The special ingredient of this cocktail is the Rosolio liqueur by Essentiae Lunae, made exclusively from fresh rose petals grown organically in Castelnuovo Magra, in the heart of the Lunigiana hills, a few kilometers away from Portovenere. Pink Grapefruit and Cardamom Seeds complete the creation by Daniele Randazzo, Bartender at Venus Bar.


Rosamunda Spritz pays homage to the territory between Liguria and Tuscany, using quality products from the area. Grand Hotel Portovenere and its Venus Bar support local excellences and promote lesser-known areas such as the Gulf of Poets and the Lunigiana, something that is very much appreciated by international visitors who value the sense of place and local experiences.

The ingredients
-> 45 ml Rosolio Essentiae
-> 90 ml Prosecco Brut
-> A splash of soda
-> Pink grapefruit
-> Cardamom seeds

In ancient times, this liqueur was produced in monasteries. Today, the Essentiae Lunae liqueur factory produces it with the same care and respect for raw materials. The ingredients are: Rose Petals (grown organically in Liguria), Alcohol, Sugar, Water, Vanilla sticks (alc. 33% by vol.) The production period is in the month of May.

rosolio liqueur liguria

The Essentiae Laboratory produces handmade liquors and jams following ancient traditional recipes and using seasonal fruits. It is located in the estate of the Ca Lunae Winery. If you would like to know more and to visit this winery, read Ca’ Lvnae: wine, culture & tradition in Liguria.

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