Slow Hiking on Palmaria Island

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Mangia Trekking is an Italian association that promotes the concept of “Alpinismo Lento” (slow hiking or mountaineering). It operates especially in the territory of the Parco Nazionale Tosco-Emiliano, therefore in the mountains in and around the border between Tuscany and Emilia Romagna. They organize trekking expeditions of different sorts, such as hiking on foot or with snowshoes.

Slow Hiking on Palmaria Island

One of their latest hikes took place in early January 2017 on Isola Palmaria. This beautiful island is located opposite the village of Portovenere in the Gulf of Poets, the area of eastern Liguria that borders with the abovementioned regions. In collaboration with the Regional Nature Park of Porto Venere, the group of trekkers not only enjoyed their winter adventure in nature, but they also performed some amazing activities to improve the hiking trails.

Slow Hiking in Portovenere

Participants used ancient techniques and local resources – as their ancestors would have done – to create signposts, to replace old fixed ropes and to build steps in some steep locations on the island. One of the signposts created by Mangia Trekking was made with a piece of wood from a local chestnut tree, together with an arrow that was hand made from a barrel stave.

Slow Trekking in Liguria

The actions by Mangia Trekking aim at promoting the ancient culture of preserving green areas, and at enhancing the natural qualities of a territory.

Slow Hiking in the Gulf of Poets


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