Special “Lunch & Sail” Deals in Portovenere

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The Palmaria Restaurant in Portovenere has a calendar full of musical and gastronomy events! If you are planning to visit Portovenere from La Spezia, driving and finding parking is no longer a problem! In fact, thanks to Hop Hop Boat it will be possible to enjoy the Gulf of Poets and reach Portovenere comfortably by sea.

The promotion consists of a Fast Tour that departs from Molo Italia in La Spezia and stops in Portovenere, allowing you to enjoy the menu at Palmaria Restaurant for lunch and, when possible, also for dinner. Not only do Palmaria Restaurant and Hop Hop Boat reserve you a special rate, you also receive a free dessert at lunch!

For more information, availability, schedules please contact:

Palmaria Restaurant Porto Venere

+39 0187 790570
Via G.Garibaldi, 5, 19025 Portovenere (SP) presso Grand Hotel Portovenere

Hop Hop Boat

+39 3713412369 ( Whatsapp)
Banchina Revel, 19120, La Spezia, Italia

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