Vintage Sailboats in the Gulf of Poets

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The first edition of Vele d’Epoca nel Golfo (Vintage Sailboats in the Gulf of Poets) will take place in Le Grazie, Portovenere, from 8 to 10 June 2018 under the patronage of AIVE (Italian Vintage Sailboat Association) in collaboration with Circolo Velico della Spezia. The event includes two regattas, a visit to Cantiere Valdettaro to see the restoration of classic yachts, an exclusive excursion to Tino Island to visit its lighthouse and museum – among other activities.

Le Grazie Sailboats
Le Grazie’s harbor (by Paolo Maccione)

Le Grazie is a tiny and charming hamlet that is part of Portovenere. It has a distinguished history in shipbuilding, and the sea and boats are at the center of local traditions and current livelihood. For this reason, it is the perfect venue for the international event gathering sailboats that contributed in writing the history of yachting.

Boats that can participate in the first edition of this event are yachts in wood or in metal built prior to 1950 (Vintage Yachts) and before 1976 (Classic Yachts), as well as their replicas as long as they comply with the C.I.M. 2018-2021 regulations. Winners will be awarded with two chronographs of the Newport Sport Chic collection by the sponsor Michel Herbelin – Chronos Diffusion.

Portovenere Sailboats Maccione
The race is for vintage or classic sailboats in wood or metal (by Paolo Maccione)

Event Program “Le Vele d’Epoca nel Golfo”

Wednesday 6 and Thursday 7 June
Access to the mooring at Le Grazie’s quay.

Friday 8 June
4.00 pm – 6.00 pm: Welcome to Le Grazie, final steps for registration.

Saturday 9 June
1.00 pm: Departure of the first race.
6.30 pm: “Aperitif among vintage boats” and visit to Cantiere Valdettaro to see the restoration of classic yachts.
9.30 pm: Exhibition and projection of film/photos about the lighthouse of Tino Island and of the first day of the regatta.

Cantiere Valdettaro Le Grazie Foto_Maccione_1
Restoration at Cantiere Valdettaro (by Paolo Maccione)

Sunday 10 June
9.30 am: Departure for Tino Island, visit to the Lighthouse Museum.
11.40am: Tribute to the “faristi” who illuminate the sailors’ routes.
Noon: Departure of the second race.
6.00 pm: Award ceremony.

Monday 11 June
Boats depart by Noon.

Would you like to participate?

If you want to participate with your sailboat or receive more information, please contact Roberta Talamoni +39 3474336750

About Associazione Italiana Vele d’Epoca

The Italian Vintage Sailboat Association was instituted in 1982 with the objective to preserve the historic, artistic and technical heritage of vintage and classic sailboats. Headquartered at Yacht Club Italiano in Genoa, it is recognized by the Italian Sailing Association FIV (Federazione Italiana Vela) and is part of C.I.M. (Comitato Internazionale del Mediterraneo) founded in 1926.

Photos by Paolo Maccione,,

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