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Even the stars need to take a break from their busy lives in the spotlight. This summer, a good number of them have been choosing the sea village of Portovenere, on Liguria’s Bay of Poets, as a top celebrity vacation destination. Let’s have a peek at who has been spotted around town!

And the Oscar goes to…

Among the Hollywood stars that have chosen the Gulf of Poets as a vacation spot – for the second summer in a row, by the way – is superstar director Steven Spielberg. He spent his time relaxing and cruising on his luxury yacht, enjoying delicious local food and wines, visiting Palmaria Island.

Steven Spielberg in Portovenere Celebrity vacation spot
Steven Spielberg walks his dog in Portovenere – photo by Francesca Rugnone

A diva that chose Portovenere and the local boutique Grand Hotel for her 2015 summer break is French actress and model Audrey Tautou, famous for portraying Amélie Poulain in the 2001 romantic comedy Amélie.

An amazing wedding surprise!

A lucky couple, who decided to get married in Portovenere, were blown away when Italian classical tenor Andrea Bocelli walked in the church, sat at the organ, sang Schubert’s Ave Maria and then left as discretely as he had entered.

Bocelli, who was enjoying his summer vacation with his family, later explained:

“I walked up to St. Peter Church because I wanted to pray, but a wedding was taking place so I couldn’t. As I was leaving, someone recognized me and asked whether I wanted to surprise the couple. I immediately thought of what St. Augustine said “He who sings, prays twice”. And so I sang…”.

Rock’n’Roll, baby

Patti Smith, punk-rock icon as well as singer, poet and political activist, chose to relax in Portovenere while touring Italy to celebrate the 40th anniversary of her first, famous album – Horses. She performed at Santo Stefano Magra on the Bay of Poets, on 31 July 2015. She chilled with her entourage (40 people) at the panoramic Grand Hotel Portovenere.

Celebrity vacation spot: Patti Smith at Grand Hotel Portovenere
Patti Smith with Antonio Polesel, General Manager of Grand Hotel Portovenere

3,2,1… MasterChef!

OK, they were not here strictly on vacation… but Italy’s most famous chefs and judges of the MasterChef TV series sure did enjoy all the charm of Portovenere and the relaxing atmosphere provided by their sea-view rooms at the Grand Hotel. Joe Bastianich, Carlo Cracco, Bruno Barbieri and Antonino Cannavacciuolo were shooting an episode for the next season of MasterChef Italia.

Sole per noi….#portovenere @masterchef_it

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#portovenere sunset!

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Strike a pose

Spanish footballer Fernando Llorente, who currently plays for Juventus F.C. as a striker, shared a picture of himself while “Discovering Italy #Portovenere #Liguria #Paradise #Amazing”. He was very friendly with all his fans, patiently smiling for photos and selfies around town and even inside restaurants, before retreating to his room in the Grand Hotel.

Celebrity vacation: why Portovenere?

Most (famous) people look for a relaxing, beautiful location that is off the beaten track but conveniently located next to other lovely destinations. A touch of glamour is also welcome! Portovenere seems to offer all of these features, allowing visitors to discover hidden gems on the Gulf of Poets, easily reaching the renowned Cinque Terre, and offering a ton of activities for anyone to enjoy.

Would you like to be vacationing with the stars or – better still – like a star? Book your celebrity vacation in Portovenere!

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