Cinque Terre Vintage Boat

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Vintage wood boats – including period rowing, sailing and motor boats – gather in the waters of Monterosso on the weekend of 17 and 18 September 2016, in the first edition of Cinque Terre Vintage Boat. The protagonist of this beautiful meeting is the “gozzo”, or the traditional fisherman’s boat that was used in the past.

The initiative aims at promoting the seafaring culture of the Cinque Terre and Gulf of Poets, popular tourist destinations for their beauty and landscape, but – unfortunately – less known for their local traditions.

Cinque Terre Vintage Boat

A small fleet of about 25 colorful gozzi of different sizes will delight your eyes, in what should become a fixed event towards the end of summer. Among the different embarkations present at Cinque Terre Vintage Boat, do not miss the “leudo”, a typical sailboat that navigated through Italian waters since the 1800s. One of these is the Zigoela, a 13-meter lateen from La Spezia rebuilt in the 1990s according to original designs (photographed in the picture above – photo credit: Also, look out for the curious, restored motorboat of only 4 meters and a half, a perfect miniature of the 1960s of a powerful Riva.

Sailing in the Cinque Terre

Would you like to explore the Gulf of Poets and Cinque Terre on a beautiful motorboat? You can sail in a grand style by renting the “Soleil 33”! It is the motoscafo of Grand Hotel Portovenere, the boutique hotel overlooking the harbor and medieval historic center of Portovenere.

Cinque Terre Motor Boat for rent, hire in PortovenereThe “Soleil 33” motorboat is full of charm, with an elegant look and refined finishes. It was built in the shipyards of the Côte d’Azur with a winning combination of high technology, Italian design and the passion for tradition by maritime artisan Tullio Abbate. Read about Boat Rental options in Portovenere, the best location for exploring the Cinque Terre and the Bay of La Spezia.

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