Creamed Codfish, Wholemeal Polenta & Cracker

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Are you looking for a special dish to prepare during your Easter break? Or simply searching for an original fish-based recipe for any occasion?

The Chefs at Palmaria Restaurant (Grand Hotel Portovenere) in Liguria’s Gulf of Poets, proposes an Easter Lunch Menu that is full of dishes that reinvent local traditions with simplicity, balance and substance. You can view the full Easter Menu here.

Recipe: Creamed Codfish, Wholemeal Polenta & Cracker

Creamed Codfish and Wholemeal Polenta Recipe. Photo from
Creamy Codfish & Polenta Recipe. Photo from

Ingredients for 4 people

  • Desalinated salt cod: 280 gr
  • Yellow potatoes: 160 gr
  • Shallot: 80 gr
  • Prosecco: 200 gr
  • Bay tree leaves: 0.8
  • Cream: 400 gr
  • Flour for polenta taragna (mixture of cornmeal and buckwheat flour): 160 gr
  • Carasau bread (traditional flatbread from Sardinia): 60 gr
  • Extra virgin olive oil: 40 gr
  • Freshly ground pepper
Carasau Bread from Sardinia, recipe. Photo from
Carasau Bread. Photo from


In a saucepan, let the shallot wither slowly in extra virgin olive oil until golden. Then add the potatoes sliced in small cubes and the bay tree leaves; and simmer with Prosecco until it evaporates completely.

At this point, add the previously desalinated salt cod (pour cold water on it for some hours depending on how salty it is) without its skin and cut into small pieces; then add the cream and cook on medium heat until it is completely reduced and the potatoes and the salt cod are cooked.

Separately, prepare the “polenta taragna” by slowly adding the flour in boiling and salted water; keep turning for 40 minutes until it becomes compact and well amalgamated.

Serve the salt cod on a polenta bed, add a cracker of Carasau bread and a trickle of extra virgin olive oil.

Buon appetito!

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