Rock climbing on the Muzzerone Cliffs

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Just on top of the medieval sea village of Portovenere, the majestic white sea cliffs of Muzzerone are the ideal spot for rock climbing in Liguria. They overlook the Gulf of Poets, and offer a beautiful open-air gym immersed in nature.

Brief History of Rock Climbing at Muzzerone

Rock climbing (arrampicata in Italian) at Muzzerone started in the 1970s, when the raiders of the Marine Military began using the cliffs for their training. By the end of the decade, local rock climbers had started defining new paths and to use the crags for sports training. Over a short period of time, the area became a popular mountain climbing destination in eastern Liguria, craved for by both Italians and foreigners.
Rock climbing in Liguria: Muzzerone Cliffs in Portovenere

The Muzzerone Cliffs

Muzzerone offers some dramatic sea-mountain climbing on the Gulf of La Spezia, on good quality limestone cliffs that are easily accessible.

The sea cliffs are made up of 18 separate limestone crags. The routes are both single pitch and multi-pitch routes up to 270m long. However most of the multi-pitch routes are 2 or 3 pitches long. The style of climbing ranges from slabs, vertical walls to overhanging routes across a wide range of climbing grades.

Climbing Season

Climbing is possible all year round thanks to the Mediterranean climate. All sectors of Muzzerone face west and are therefore sheltered from the icy northern winds.

Climbing is possible in summer by making use of the shade and the fresh afternoon Mistral, otherwise it does get too hot!

Autumn and spring are the best time of the year to go rock climbing in Liguria’s Muzzerone Cliffs.


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