Spring Activities in the Gulf of Poets

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Are you thinking about where to go for your next spring break? Among its many attractions, the Italian region of Liguria treasures an area that you cannot miss right next to the world-famous Cinque Terre and Tuscany. The name of this destination itself – Gulf of Poets – will intrigue you… This beautiful gulf stretches between the sea villages of Portovenere and Lerici. The larger town of La Spezia lies in the middle of the bay, and it is the provincial capital of this part of Liguria. Apart from the beautiful landscape and rich history, the territory offers a variety of spring activities that makes the Gulf of Poets the ideal destination for your next Italian vacation off the beaten path.




Spring activities in and around Portovenere

Here are some ideas for activities that you can enjoy in and around the Gulf of Poets in the lovely springtime:

  • Broaden your historic and cultural knowledge by visiting local castles, museums, artisan workshops and churches
  • Trekking and cycling in the pristine Porto Venere Regional Natural Park
  • Embark on a mini cruise along the coast: whether you choose a small fisherman’s boat or a luxury speed vessel, this is the best way to explore the area from the Cinque Terre to every corner of the Gulf of La Spezia
Spring Activities Cinque Terre: easily reachable from Portovenere
Cinque Terre: easily reachable by boat or train from Portovenere
  • Diving in the protected marine area of Portovenere
  • Gourmet initiatives such as wine tasting and cooking lessons
  • Visit vineyards and organic farms on the typically terraced coast
  • Enjoy the panoramic views and unforgettable sunsets while sipping a custom-designed cocktail by Head Barman at Venus Bar, or while enjoying regional dishes at Palmaria Restaurant
  • Shopping, shopping, shopping in the fancy streets of Portofino and Versilia
  • Spa, Wellbeing and Fitness in places like Portovenere Wellness Center
  • Think outside the box: visit Carrara and venture into the marble caves that have provided the foundation for masterpieces such as Michelangelo’s David, or explore the Naval Museum at La Spezia to learn about the Arsenal of the Italian Navy, or book an exclusive boat tour that includes a visit in the oyster farms of la Spezia – complete with on-board tastings of local wines and products.

Spring & Easter in Portovenere, Cinque Terre, Liguria

Need accommodation?

Grand Hotel Portovenere is located on the most panoramic point of Portovenere, directly overlooking the sea and Palmaria Island. In the XVII century, the building was home to a Franciscan monastery or ‘convento’ and was transformed into a hotel in 1970.

After careful renovations with special attention to maintaining the original architectural features, revisiting them in a modern way to provide guests with maximum comfort, Grand Hotel Portovenere reopened its doors in 2014 with its new design and understated elegance.

Photo credit: Large image above from quelliconlavaligia.com


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