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September may be the last month of summer but it’s packed with events in the charming villages of the Bay of Poets. Let’s have a look at some of the most exciting cultural, music, traditional and sports events in and around Portovenere!

“Festival of the Mind” in Sarzana, 2-3-4 September 2016

Sarzana hosts the so-called Festival della Mente, Europe’s first festival dedicated to the mind, to creativity and the development of ideas. Italian and international scientists, psychologists, anthropologists, literati and artists reach Sarzana on this occasion. Sarzana is located slightly inland near Lerici and on the border between Liguria, Tuscany and Emilia Romagna, in the Magra Valley within the Regional Nature Park of Montemarcello Magra.

September Events: Festival of the Mind in Sarzana, Liguria

“Minaccia Bel Tempo” in Portovenere, 3 September 2016

One evening to celebrate what is typically the last weekend before returning to school or the office for most Italians. Starting from 6pm onwards, in the historic center of Portovenere you will find live music, sports exhibitions and games for children. Make sure not to miss the fireworks at Molo Doria!

“Madonna delle Grazie Festival” in Le Grazie, 4-11 September 2016

Portovenere’s tiny fraction of Le Grazie celebrates the Patron Saint of the Gulf of Poets with food stands and cultural events. The highlight of the event is the Octopus Festival (Sagra del Polpo) on 10 September, which also features a fireworks show. On 4 September, there is a small but exciting boat race called “Regata Rotta di Mezzo”, followed by the solemn night procession in honor of Nostra Signora delle Grazie. Furthermore, between 6 and 11 of the same month, the town’s Convento degli Olivetani hosts an exhibition on handcrafts in Portoro marble and paintings by artists of “Il Volo dell’Arte” cultural association.

“Bongianni, Sinigaglia, Soggiu Jazz Trio” in Fezzano, 7 September 2016

Fezzano, the other small fraction of Portovenere, hosts a groovy concert with the piano played by Ugo Bongianni, the tenor sax by Max Soggiu and the voice of jazz singer Anna Sinigaglia from La Spezia. This will be the last performance within the “Fezzano in Musica” summer circuit.

San Venerio Festival in Portovenere/Tino Island, 13 September 2016

The Island of Tino – a military space that is usually closed to visitors – opens up its frontiers on 13 September to remember and honor the saint. San Venerio was a hermit monk in the monastery that once existed on Tino Island. On dark nights, he used to light up a bonfire to help traveling ships to orientate themselves in the Gulf of Poets. Today, he is the protector of marine lighthouses. The island hosts a nocturnal procession that is quite impressive! You can usually visit the islet also on the Sunday following 13 September.

Mariperman Trophy Liguria

XXIX Mariperman Trophy in Le Grazie, 23-25 September 2016

This boat race involves the towns of Portovenere, Lerici and La Spezia. Different kinds of embarkations participate, including period sailboats.

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Città della Spezia (fireworks in Portovenere)

Festival della Mente

Trofeo Mariperman


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