Flying over Portovenere, Lerici & surroundings

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Cutting-edge technology is making aerial photography and videography more accessible than ever, and drone videos are popping up just like mushrooms.

The high definition, panoramic images are a far cry from what filming used to be in the early 1900s. However, before taking off with a series of modern-day videos below, let’s pay tribute to the pioneering videos by enjoying this period footage from 1911. Doesn’t it just have a beautiful and charming aura?

Bay of La Spezia in a video of 1911

The song in the background is called “Bei mi tempi“, played and sang by Fino Fedi, poet and musician from San Terenzo.

Let’s hope back to our time: we have selected a few of the best videos filmed by the popular drones flying over the sky of the Bay of La Spezia (or Gulf of Poets) on the eastern Ligurian Riviera.

Portovenere: general view

A panoramic overview of Portovenere next to the Cinque Terre. Learn about its history & characteristics in “Portovenere 101: the basics” . If you are planning a visit, here are some ideas in “10 Things to do in Portovenere

Portovenere by night… and fireworks!

The panorama at sunset and at night is just breathtaking. Add some fireworks for the extra WOW factor!

Madonna Bianca Festival

Beautiful images of Portovenere in August, when it lights up with thousands of candles to celebrate the local patron. Read more about the history and traditions of the Madonna Bianca Festival.


This is the village on the Bay of La Spezia that was mostly chosen by a number of poets and artists over the centuries, including Mary & Percy Shelley, Virginia Woolf, Gabriele d’Annunzio, Sem Benelli and Henry James. Explore it in the article “Lerici: Visiting the Town of the Poets“.


A tiny village full of personality. According to local legend, it was saved by a giant octopus from a pirate incursion. Find out more about it in “Tellaro, Fiascherino & San Terenzo: Tiny gems, Big emotions

Palio del Golfo

This video conveys the excitement and pride behind the historic regatta that takes place in the Bay of La Spezia. Read all about it “Palio of the Gulf: pride & tradition

Sarzanello Fortress

It’s one of the hundreds of castles, towers and fortresses along the Gulf of Poets. Explore local history and architecture by visiting the “Castles in Liguria: itinerary along the Riviera Spezzina

La Spezia, San Terenzo & surroundings

The bay is named after La Spezia, capital city of the namesake province in Liguria and one of Italy’s main military and commercial harbors. Find out more in “La Spezia and the amazing Marine Festival

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