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Are you dreaming of a destination wedding in Italy yet feel overwhelmed by the thought of planning a large-scale event? For many couples, eloping is a very trendy solution to tying the knot without the pressures of planning and budget. Rather, the couple can better enjoy the sentiment of the intimate ceremony. In fact, an elopement wedding usually only involves the bride, the groom, the witnesses and – if the couple wishes it – a few selected members of the family.

The idea of a Destination Elopement in Italy keeps on growing in popularity because there is something exciting about a couple escaping to the land of La Dolce Vita for a romantic wedding and honeymoon. If you like this idea and are looking for the perfect venue, you should consider one of the country’s most dazzling locations: the Gulf of Poets in Liguria! In particular, Portovenere is a great option for your fuitina. Why? Here are 4 good reasons!

(By the way, fuitina – literally meaning “little escape”- is the Sicilian term for elopement, since the practice used to be quite common in that Italian island back in the days. Today, the term is commonly used in Italian.)

Mesmerizing Destination

Portovenere’s seafront location, the imposing Doria Castle and the colorful, ancient historic center create the romantic and fairytale-like atmosphere that so many brides long for. The unique combination of historic man-made landscapes with pristine natural sceneries, are part of the reason why UNESCO declared Portovenere, its islands and the Cinque Terre a World Heritage Site. The Tripadvisor community has recently voted Portovenere as the Top Destination to visit in the Italian Riviera, and The Telegraph has included this hidden gem as one of “21 places in Italy you never thought to visit (but really should)”.

Strategic Location

Portovenere allows you to enjoy an intimate location off the beaten path, between the charming villages of the Gulf of Poets – like Tellaro and Lerici. You are away from the hordes of tourists, yet you can easily and quickly reach the famous Cinque Terre, chic Portofino and the rest of the Italian Riviera. Tuscany and Emilia Romagna are just around the corner, while the airports of Pisa Galileo Galilei and Genoa Cristoforo Colombo are 95km (59mi) and 120km (74mi) away respectively. Portovenere also offers maritime connections to La Spezia, Lerici, Cinque Terre, Tigullio, Versilia, Palmaria Island.

Activities for all Tastes

The territory of the Gulf of Poets offers great food and wine, ancient history and traditions, sports, enriching culture and art. Things to do in Portovenere and surroundings can vary according to the season in which you visit. Summer choices include diving, swimming and being at the beach (click here for Top Beaches in Portovenere). But there are also a number of activities that you can enjoy all-year-round: visiting wine cellars and vineyards, wine tasting, cooking lessons, shopping for local artisanal crafts, fashion and luxury goods, and attending local traditional events. If you have never sailed before (or even if you have), as a newlywed couple you can spice up your experience on the Italian Riviera by hiring a boat, such as the Soleil 33 Motorboat to gain exclusive access in secluded bays and inimitable view!

Boutique Hotel for Intimate Weddings

You can be in the most beautiful destination on Earth, but for a perfect wedding and honeymoon, you also need excellent service (and a panoramic sea-view room doesn’t hurt either!). Grand Hotel Portovenere is a boutique hotel that has re-opened in July 2014 after careful renovation work. Set in a beautiful building that was once a historic convent, it offers a seafront location and intimate atmosphere. The on-site restaurant features a panoramic terrace that is ideal for a striking reception or a romantic candlelit dinner.

For elopement or destination weddings, the hotel team is happy to assist in finding qualified figures such as wedding planners, photographers, florists, bakers and makeup artists; and can help in the organization of the event by creating personally tailored proposals. Grand Hotel Portovenere also proposes special honeymoon packages for newlyweds. For information, rates and availability, contact Grand Hotel Portovenere at

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